Sharing The Tastes We Crave With Our Family and Friends.

In our book, taste is everything. That's why we have been making non-chocolate treats to our extremely high standards – standards established by Grandpa Switzer from the very beginning.

It's the little things about the way we make our candy that makes all the difference in the world:

  • Using REAL fruit to enhance the taste of our fruit flavored candy.
  • Staying true to the taste of our black licorice – a flavor black licorice purists understand.
  • Adding extra milk to boost the dairy creaminess of our Buttermels.

At Switzer's, we absolutely love to make candy. We eat as much as we can – then sell the rest.

Buttermels Black Licorice Chewy Cinnamon Twists Chewy Blue Raspberry Twists Chewy Green Apple Twists Chewy Cherry Twists Chewy Lemonade Twists Chewy Watermelon Twists