A Different Kind of Candy

A different kind of candy from a different kind of time.

Life is different than it was in 1888. Many things are better, easier, and safer than they were back then. But somewhere along the line, in order to save on costs, time, or effort, many things have lost their distinctive qualities. Our processed foods are not as fresh. Our taste buds have gotten used to homogenized, less distinctive tastes that appeal to the majority of the masses.

Some of us turned back to the masters to remember what candy used to taste like. We at Switzer’s turned back to Frederick Michael Switzer, the Founder of Switzer’s Candy Company in 1888.

He started by pushing carts of his candy on the riverfront ( Laclede’s Landing ) in St. Louis. Gradually he made a name for himself by offering a high quality, fresh candy that always lived up to his standards.

He never compromised. He made licorice he loved, with a fuller, chewy texture and a distinctive taste. He crafted caramels that were softer, more luscious, while not compromising on the fullness of the chew.

Grandfather would be proud of today’s Switzer’s Candies. While we have added real fruit juice to the Cherry Red, we have kept Switzer’s Licorice the low fat food it was over 100 years ago. And we took five years to perfect his famous Buttermels which we re-launched this year in grocery and specialty stores.

We hope you appreciate candy from a time when tastes were more distinctive, and making candy was more art than a business.

Since Switzer’s is priced for you to share with your famly and friends, you will see that all of our Switzer’s licorice and caramels come in a 10 ounce “shareable” size. Our Buttermels also comes in a smaller, 5 ounce bag as well.

Michael Switzer