Our Philosophy

Candy used to be much more central to peoples’ lives.

Egyptian Kings were buried with licorice, the Maya used candy as currency, Napoleon marched his armies out of the way to get his hands on licorice, and Europeans celebrated with candy at weddings to encourage conception.

Candy was a shared experience - confections brought family and friends together on a daily basis.

We think people’s relationship to candy has changed. And we believe that it has more to do with candy than with people.

People are the same. It is the candy that has changed.

People still buy candy, but most seems to fall into two groups. Candy that is bought by the bag and eaten by children, or candy that is good quality, but so expensive that it is hoarded and not shared.

We believe, as our grandfather did back in 1880, that quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. All of Switzer’s candies are recognized by many as being superior to the “mass” brand, but are priced for families and friends to share.

We only manufacture our candy when we have an order from a store, so that our candies are shipped out fresh. We do not warehouse candies for future orders.

This may not be a business plan that a multi-billion dollar corporation may espouse, but it is the Switzer Candy mantra.

While harder to succeed with this plan, but we must remember the effort of our grandfather, Frederick Michael Switzer, as he pushed his little cart of candy on the riverfront in St. Louis at the age of nine. It wasn’t always easy, but the end product was always rewarding.

Enjoy your Switzer’s. And then make sure you pass some around!

Michael Switzer